Born in England to Scottish & Canadian parents, moved to Israel at age 9.
Studied art at Alon-Ramat Hasharon and then photography at Camera Obscura.
Travelled the world for 15 years making a living from street performance: Music, Juggling, Fire Spinning, Belly Dancing…
Recorded own album "Random Acts Of Violet" in Peru-2003-Playing all instruments, singing, designing, artwork and mixing.
Formed 2 groups while travelling-"I FELT THE ELF"-Traditional Celtic, Irish, Scottish, French and old English songs and "DESERT GYPSIES"-with Guy Tiram. Traditional Arabic, Bedouin, Hebrew songs and Belly Dance.
2008 Formed "SAHIDA PROJECT"-Original Music. With Hidai Liberman, Elyasaf Bashari, Yishai Ben Yaacov, Liran Pas Kehat. Performed extensively for 2 years throughout Israel.
2009 Winner of International Eilat Festival Competition.

Taught gypsy tribal fusion bellydance at "Sahara City" belly dance academy in Tel Aviv & various Go Active gyms across Israel.
2010 started teaching privately.and formed own band "SAHARA PIKSIE BAND".

Has performed with musicians such as Mayumana, Tomer Yossef, Beri Saharof, Mosh Ben Ari, Yossi Fine, Quarter To Africa, Orphaned Land, Sahara Desert Groove, Sabaya, Terra Rossa, Balkan BaMachsan, Sumsum, King David's Strings, Tribal Dance, U.R.I.N.I.M.U., Madboojah Project, Rechela & the Khaleeji Band, La Vache Qui Rit, Baharat Groove, Nomad and many more…

...and with top International Electronic Downtempo Music Producers such as ;

Clozee, Desert Dwellers, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, OTT, Opiuo, Soulacybin, Dunkelbunt, Symbolico, Mr.Bill, Bogtrotter, Master Minded, Sleepy Koala & opening for Beats Antique...

Has performed music and bellydance and taught classes at Burning Man festival (U.S.A.), Glastonbury Festival (U.K.), Jamballah NW (Portland, U.S.A.) I.M.S.D.C. ( Malta, Rhodes, Georgia ), Sunrise Festival (U.K.), The Big Green Gathering (U.K.), Burlesque Noir (U.K.) La Chispa Festival-(Spain), Blue Flame Dreaming (Australia), B.E., Indigo Festival, Zorba Festival, Desert Bass Festival, Sunbeat Festival, Jacob's Ladder Festival, Knights Festival (Jerusalem) , Ancient Times Festival (Caesarea) Habibi Ya Eini festival, Oriental Rose Festival, Sufi Festival, Eilat Bellydance Festival, Doof Festival, Midburn Festival, Redancing Festival, Body Fest and more...


Sahara's original music has featured in the award winning movie "Things Behind The Sun"-2006 & the documentary "Beyond The Rainbow"-2008.

Sahara's vocals feature on Omer Gonen Haela's album "A Window In Time" 2015 & Shimon Lev Tahor's "Ethno Rainbow Project" 2016.

2011-2014 Backing singer for WAKACHAKA Reggae Band.

2012-Producer/choreographer of "Tribal Fusion Lionesses" & co-producer/choreographer "Datura Project".

         Teaches troubled teenagers in Cfar Saba and 5-6 & 6-7 year olds at Tal Bar studios.

         Opens "SAHARA STUDIOS" Private Tribal Fusion Studio in Tel Aviv/Yafo

2013-Performs with Sigal Ziv's ensemble "Fata Morgana" & "Zman Kishoof".

2013-2014 Choreographer of group performance-"The Goddess Dances" show @ Inbal theatre.

2014-present.. Dancer with Nava dance Collective & "Bustan Vradim" Ensemble directed by Miriam Peretz.

         Teacher & Performer at IMSDC International Style Multi Dance Convention ~ MALTA.

2015-Co-creator of the show "MINOTAUROS" with Internationally acclaimed Flamenco Dancer: Domingo Ortega                     (Spain), Sharon Saguy & Neta shezaf touring Israel January 2015.    

         Teacher & Performer at IMSDC International Style Multi Dance Convention ~ RHODES.

         Co-ordinator & Translator for  IDAN RAICHEL's Special Guest performers: Danay Suarez (Cuba) & 

         Antonio Zambujo ( Portugal ).

2016-Performer & Teacher @ "Burlesque Noir" Liverpool ~U.K.

         Joins "COUSINS" Original Middle Eastern Music Ensemble.

         Forms "CHAKRUNA TRIBE" Dance Company

         Performer @ "Midnight Legend #1" with Violet Scrap (Italy)

         Performer @ "Torquoise & Indigo" @ Suzanne Dellal

         Performer @ Tel Aviv's first Burlesque Festival

2017-Performer @ "Blue Flame Dreaming" Byron Bay~AUSTRALIA

         *Certifies Part 1 of Rachel Brice's "8 Elements" Program ( Portland, U.S.A.)

         Performer @ "Midnight Legend #2" with Violet Scrap (Italy)

2018-Performer and teacher @ IMSDC Georgia

         Producer of "The Flying Camel" stage @ Midburn

         Joins "Fusion Culture" crew as guest performer TLV

         Performer @ "Midnight Legend #3" 

         *Certifies Kami Liddle's "Krysalis-Invocation" Program ( San Francisco, U.S.A.)

         *Certifies Zoe Jakes' "Dance Craft~Key Of Diamonds" Program (Oakland, U.S.A.)

          Completes Ashley Lopez "Integrated Dance"-Part 1 Program ( Portland, U.S.A. )

2019- Teaches "OPENING" Movement Workshops for all ages @ UMINA's Detox Retreat ( CYPRUS )

          Completes Ashley Lopez "Integrated Dance"-Part 2 Program ( Offenburg, Germany )

          Teaches at Oriental Rose Teacher training course.

          Performing Original Music & Teaching Bellydance @ Glastobury Festival (U.K.)

          Performing at Jamballah NW ~ Portland Oregon U.S.A.

          Certifies in Rachel Brice's Datura format Phase 2 - Cultivation.    

          Certified "INTEGRATED DANCE TEACHER" by Ashley Lopez.

 9/11/19 ~ Produces first Sahara Studios showcase to a SOLD OUT audience! "SIFTACH!" @Jaffa Theatre.

  2020 -  Teacher/Performer @Yalla Bella Festival


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Songwriter, singer, plays: guitar, whistles, percussion, flute, didgeridoo…
Spins fire poi, double fire staffs, clubs and juggles…(belly dances with fire)​
Professional costume designer/seamstress and makeup artist.

Producer & Choreographer.